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Name Part No. Availability
EVE LIGHT STRIP -2m extension 11EAS9901 On Stock
ELGATO EVE ROOM 10EAM9901 On request
ELGATO EVE AQUA Smart Water Controller 10EAI8101 On Stock
ELGATO EVE FLARE Portable Smart LED Lamp 10EAX8301 On request
Nanoleaf Remote - White NL26‑0001 On Stock
iLuv Morning Call 2 Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio - Black MORCAL2VEBK On Stock
iLuv TimeShaker Wow Wired Bed-Shaker Alarm Clock - Black TSBOOMWVEBK On Stock
Nanoleaf Rigid Linkers NC04‑0002 On request
Nanoleaf Light Panels WiFi Controller with PSU and AC cable NC04‑0004 On Stock
Nanoleaf Flexible Linkers NC04‑0010 On Stock
Nanoleaf Single Panel kit NL20‑0001TW On request
Nanoleaf Light Panels Expansion Pack NL22‑0001TW‑3PK On Stock
Nanoleaf Mounting Kit NL25‑0001 On Stock
Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit - Rhythm Edition NL28‑2002TW‑9PK On request
Nanoleaf Rhythm NL28‑20XXTW‑ACC On Stock
iLuv SmartShaker 2 Wireless Alarm - Black SMSHAKER2BK On request
ELGATO EVE THERMO (2017) 2pack 10EAR1701‑2X On request
ELGATO EVE ENERGY EU 2pack 1EE308307002 On Stock
ELGATO EVE THERMO (Apple Home Kit) (2017) 10EAR1701 On Stock
ELGATO EVE DEGREE (Apple Home Kit) 10EAF9901 On Stock
Smanos Door/Window Contact - White DS2300 On request
Smanos Security Alarm System - White L020 On request
Smanos PIR Motion Detector - White MD2300 On request
Smanos PET-immune Motion detector - White MD9100 On request
Smanos WiFi Alarm System - White W020 On request
Smanos Security Alarm System + WiFi Camera - White W020+IP6 On request
Smanos Wi-Fi/PSTN Alarm System - White W100 On request
Smanos Wi-Fi/PSTN Alarm System + WiFi Camera - White W100+IP6 On request
ELGATO EVE DOOR & WINDOW (Apple Home Kit) 1ED109901001 On Stock
ELGATO EVE ENERGY EU (Apple Home Kit) 1EE108301002 On Stock
ELGATO EVE MOTION (Apple Home Kit) 1EM109901000 On Stock
iLuv Jumbo LED Alarm Clock with Wireless Rechargeable Bed Shaker - Black TSBOOMVEBK On request